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We develop creative content to plant ideas within a brand or company: that brings people together, which leads to a change or passes a message.
We use platforms such as video, team building, show, interaction, music, theater, dance, among others.

Inspirational video for  web

A video that makes us feel. A video designed by our team that sends a message from the brands to those who follow them, to their customers and partners. A message that inspires others, motivates your employees and enhances what they've done best. Try bringing the best of your employees in a way that can be felt and shared by everyone.

Hellooooooo community!

In this era, we can share a good laugh in new ways. How? Through a game that brings all employees together at the same time, making them laugh and leading them to experience a collective moment of pure joy while being challenged!

Team Building Online

Team building has taken new shapes. We suggest experiencing team challenges that can unite employees around the company's values through creative processes with everything they have available at the moment. A challenge that will express the achievements of each group to their colleagues, starting from their creativity to digital.


The Manifest

An innovative and artistic experience, where we create a profound transformation in a team, through emotional stimulation. The idea consists of getting people out of their comfort zone, working their spirit of belonging to a productive exchange of synergies. It all culminates in a motivational video totally focused on the people of the company and, therefore, has a huge potential for identification.

Team For The Win

We believe that people learn and create relationships more easily when they are smiling. That's why we make team buildings where employees can get out of their day-to-day routine to live a special day. Through artistic projects, we bring people together towards a final goal, from which your company will always benefit in the future.

Theatrical Experience

Collaborators on stage? Yes. We have actions that are based on companies' day-to-day activities putting both personal and collective development into practice through theater. We create exercises based on different representation methods to give participants useful tools for their daily lives. The result is unexpected: people capable of using new "emotional tools" to solve problems and conflicts.

A School of Arts

"My Company has a School of Actors" is a program created for companies, focused on employees and their development of skills in terms of dramatic expression, applied to the work context. In this program, we use the same tools that an actor or performer uses on stage, boosting the performance of employees in contact with colleagues, partners, and customers. This program will lead up to the creation of a show for your company's event, in which the main protagonists are the employees themselves.


Branding Activation

With strategy and creativity at our disposal, we create concepts for brand activations designed for every target and there is no place that can stop us: street, office, cinema or even in the middle of the sea. We take your message in an innovative and surprising way.


A company lives 364 days and there is one where the story changes. That is when we come in and create a memorable show, where everyone can be part of the narrative. From Creativity to Production, our team gets the work done.

Thematic Performances

It's true: we have a range of options to standard themed shows. They are pieces entirely built and easily adaptable to corporate and promotional events, where we create dynamics to stimulate the participation of the public, turning it into an active agent in the process.

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